Personal Injury Attorneys:

We take a Team approach and provide many services on a lien basis from pain management to neurology to dentistry. Our specialists treat minor to major injuries and handle cases that are both straight forward or complex. We provide a detail report of the injury from a specialist and a comprehensive treatment plan to optimize results. We know that every report from the first initial visit to the last matter and it’s our job to ensure that our patients receive optimal care for their injuries.

Telemedicine appointments
Saturday appointments (upon request)
Friendly staff/ doctors
Interpreters for clients who need translation (Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese)
Clean and Organized Facility
Outpatient Surgery  Center

If your client has any questions outside of their scheduled appointment, our office is a phone call away and we can connect them to one of our physicians to answer any of their questions of concerns.

We don’t just tell our patients or their attorneys about injuries,
we educate.

We have the best technology and physicians to accurately diagnose and treat your clients for optimum results!